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A Fresh perspective on forex trade.

We have designed much more than an online forex platform . We combined education learning with genuine forex success. Cobitfx designed the system in a way their members can earn passive income from forex market and still learn forex trades .

Learning at your pace has never been so rewarding. You can earn while you learn .

The technical aspect of forex just got easier with Cobitfx . We are fully combining the technical expertise required for forex success , with a dedicated corporate team, with passion for helping those with strong desire to improve their lives .

Key Features

What we do that set us apart
in the forex trading


We disclose necessary information you need to know about your fund and Forex; we make available vital financial information that you need to understand. We comprehensively clarify all the fees that might be attached to your fund.

Zero fees

With Cobitfx, you can enjoy zero trading fees without being charged for the service rendered. Terms and conditions applied..


We Publicize and disclose our accounting information, trading balance, and other accounting records that you need to know. We value accountability.

Fast payment

You are guaranteed to receive your fund within a few minutes. We process and pay speedily.

The People Say


How to become one of us and take your trading to next step.

Create account

You can become one of us and take your trading skill to the professional level by registering HERE.

Verify your account

You will need to verify the email you provided during registration.

Buy trading Plan

After completing the registration process, you can buy our trading plan with 5.7% ROI.

Make payment

You are to make payment according to the trading plan you have chosen. You can make the payment through Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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We're here to help. Send us an email. Please feel free to contact our expert.

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